Hip-Hop Rumors: Cam’ron Is Selling What?!

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People will try to make money any way they possibly can…

Cam’ron recently debuted his Dipset Ebola protection mask, which will go on sale next week.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.08.06 AM

So if ya trying to look fashionable while staying safe, you may wanna cop you one of these…*side eye*

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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Joseline Faking Her Pregnancy?

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It is true, some people will do ANYTHING to stay relevant, but if this is true this couple is just desperate.

A source close to Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez revealed to Sandra Rose that the reality stars are in fact NOT expecting their first child together and that it is all a hoax.

“The source said Joseline, Stevie J, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta producer Mona Scott-Young manufactured the pregnancy hoax to keep the reality stars relevant.

Joseline showed up to ATL Live On the Park event dressed in very unmaternal attire. In one photo, Stevie J and singer Johnny Gill covered Joseline’s abdomen with their hands in the universal sign for pregnancy. But her tummy is as flat as a pancake.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.51.54 AM

That dress really isnt appropriate for a “mother to be” and not only that Joseline was seen popping bottles and smoking tree a few weeks back…#butthatsnoneofmybusiness.

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Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life In Prison For Killing Jordan Davis

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Michael Dunn, who shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis back in November of 2012 in Florida, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole today (Oct. 17), according to NBC News. Dunn fired 10 shots into a car of four teenagers after he began arguing with them about playing loud music from their car.  Dunn, 47, was convicted of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder in which he received a additional 90-year-sentence for.He was also sentenced to an extra 15-years for firing into an occupied vehicle.

“Our justice system works. This case demonstrates that our justice system does work,” Judge Russell Healey said at the sentencing.

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Iggy Azalea Responds to Divorce Claims On Twitter

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Iggy Azalea’s beef with a Texas man named Hefe Wine, who claims to be her husband, continues to broil.

She’s shot back on Twitter after his interview with XXL yesterday, where he discussed their so-called common law marriage and claimed she’s under contract to him.

This afternoon, Azalea fired off a series of tweets giving insight into her relationship with Mr. Wine, as well as her planned response to his comments: court.

“i have such a great collection of witnesses now and I’m really excited to get my day in court and see justice prevail,” the rapper tweeted.

She also claimed that the rapper’s actual wife is “currently in court after he strangled her,” referring to her name as Annette Buitrago.


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Hip-Hop Rumors: Why’d They Stop Jhene Aiko’s Performance?

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The Def Jam 30 concert was all the rage on Twitter yesterday. Be there or Be square! Needless to say….I wasn’t there. But I heard that the pretty, young thing Jhene Aiko’s was supposed to be there and never happened! Now, one might think it was because of some drama related to her being a diva, but nothing could be father from the facts. She allegedly stopped herself from performing, because a female member of her crew was physically assaulted at the venue!

She explained on Insta:

Jhene responded: Unfortunately me and my camp were told to “get the f*** out” by “workers” while I was waiting to go on stage, ….after this “worker” (male) physically assaulted a member of my management (female) ….we had to leave due to the disrespect and hostile environment. If there’s one thing I can’t rock with, it’s disrespect…. if me and my band members…

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Hip-Hop Rumors: Nick Cannon And Amber Rose Rumors Persist

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Nick Cannon and Amber Rose are not an item, right? But these rumors don’t stop ’til they get enough. Anyway, so yeah…Nick and Amber. They have a strictly professional relationship but it seems there are eye witnesses that are countering the notion. In Touch mag is staying just that – otherwise! They are saying that Nick and Amber were looking rather “cozy” the other day.

Nick Cannon stepped out to support model Amber Rose at the XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine Launch party in LA on Thursday night, further fueling speculations that the two may be an item. “They were sitting very cozy in her booth. He wouldn’t take pictures with her. He said it was her night, but clearly he didn’t want to because he didn’t want people to speculate on their relationship.” (In Touch Weekly)

I’m thinking these guys are just victims of an evil media that won’t allow…

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New Show “Sex And The Niggaz” Raises Eyebrows

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Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.37.30 PM
Brazilian television may not have a clue how sensitive the “N-Word” is for Black people if a new TV show is an indication.

A new program called “Sex And The Niggaz” is a take on “Sex And The City,” but it follows four Black women.

The prime time show is written by a white man, Miguel Falabella, has people in an uproar, highlighting bigotry and bias. A national boycott has ensued and critics are all over this one.

One writer from said:

“In the series “Sex and the Niggaz”, the narrator is a white person. She is a voyeur; someone who is looking through a keyhole at the sexuality and the bodies of black women who can be raped and manipulated by structural whiteness, not only literally but also through cultural representation. Our existence is fetishised. We are on display for the white gaze. Moreover, even when the characters…

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